Cloud Security Information for Your Landlords


As humans, it is natural to fear what we don't know. Information is power. When making the switch from server to a new cloud-based software, it is common to experience a certain level of resistance from some Landlords. Recently, we have been assisting one of our clients with the transition to cloud-based software. Whilst doing so, one of their Landlords ... read more >>

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5 Ways Cloud Technology Can Prevent Internal Fraud


Banish Internal Fraud from your Office With the advances that technology provides, unfortunately with it comes the possibility of online fraud. Online trust account fraud can occur both by someone outside of the organisation without access to the trust account, and internally. As much as we would like to think this will never happen, the reality is that it does. ... read more >>

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The Art of Tidying Up Before End of Financial Year


How to KonMarie Your Trust Account at EOFY Are you obsessed like us and an avid follower of the #konmarie method of tidying up? If so, then you’ll have probably watched Marie Kondo’s series in full on Netflix – Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. For those of you not on the tidying movement (for the uninitiated you should really give ... read more >>

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Choosing the Right Time to Switch to Cloud Accounting


Waiting til the Party Season is Over The start of the New Year is renowned for assessing your current situation - whether it be electricity, insurance, private health, marriage (kidding) - and upgrading or switching to a better deal. New year, new a start and all that. For some services, the New year is a great time to make a ... read more >>

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Staying Compliant When Moving To The Cloud 


I've Gone Live.... Now What? Last month we took you through the steps to successfully migrate your software in-house before the July 1st deadline. So at this point, you have successfully migrated your old software on a system-based server to a cloud-based server. Success! As an added bonus, you have maintained all your hair and not extracted a Coles week's ... read more >>

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Inhouse Software Migration Checklist


Your Software Migration Checklist to meet the July 1st Deadline Switching to a cloud-based server before this financial year? July 1st is the 'go live' deadline to make the switch from old system-based servers to cloud based solutions. Our migrations team have been tirelessly working around the clock this month to ensure we meet the 1st July ‘go live’ deadline. ... read more >>

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The 10 Top Trust Accounting Software Features of the 21st Century


We love software at End of Month Angels. If you haven't noticed, it is something we are very passionate about! We love that software can help to simplify our lives. It makes things easier - instead of harder. Now who wouldn't love that? Over the years we frequently discuss the importance of software compliance. Just check out a few of ... read more >>

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Are Server-Based Bookkeeping Systems Dead?


Just as the real estate industry is undergoing a shift towards cloud-based solutions, the accounting industry is also progressing onwards and upwards since the introduction of Xero back in 2007. It's time to say goodbye to server-based bookkeeping systems. Our bookkeeper Wonderwoman and Office Manager Tracy is both Xero certified and a registered BAS agent. This month, she gives us ... read more >>

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Real Time Banking New Payment Platform


The Future of Online Banking Reports released by the Sydney Morning Herald and Better Banking report that 3 out of the 4 biggest banks will roll out a New Payments Platform (NPP) offering real time payments. This new payment platform will allow customers access to clear funds in less than 1 minute as opposed to the existing 2-3 days. What ... read more >>

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8 Ways to Reduce Costs for Start-Up Real Estate Agenices


Australia thrives on small business. It is what makes our country go round. So the reality of the number of small business that fail to succeed is definitely a cause for concern. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 60% of small businesses cease operating within the first three years of opening their doors. How Can You Reduce ... read more >>

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