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Migration Planning ~ 5 ‘Must Do’ Items before your 1st July Migration


You have set the date for your migration over to cloud-based software. Before we pop the champagne and celebrate your move online, there is some housekeeping to do. Migration planning involves just that - planning. Planning to ensure a smooth transition and the ongoing success with your new platform. To help, we have compiled 5 'must-do' items to factor into ... read more >>

Migration Planning ~ 5 ‘Must Do’ Items before your 1st July Migration2020-06-23T10:24:13+10:00

Using Cloud-Based Technology to Streamline Receipting


It's migration season. Not just for the whales up the east coast, but for your software. Agents across Australia are looking to take the digital step and migrate their old software over to cloud-based technology. We are surely but steadily ridding the trust accounting industry of old, clunky and out-dated software. Agents are realising the benefit and life-changing advantages of ... read more >>

Using Cloud-Based Technology to Streamline Receipting2020-06-11T13:32:44+10:00

Getting in Top Trust Accounting EOFY Shape


We are officially in the lead up to the End of Financial Year (drumroll). This trust accounting EOFY leadup has been unlike any other we have seen in our lifetime. With the impact of COVID still too fresh, throwing EOFY into the mix might be enough to tip some over the edge. So we want to step in and help ... read more >>

Getting in Top Trust Accounting EOFY Shape2020-05-27T12:07:43+10:00

EOFY Preparation Checklist


Time to Get Your Ducks in a Row As we have all been caught up in everything COVID, End of Financial Year has well indeed crept right up on us. In response, this month's theme is EOFY and audits in preparation for the month ahead. As before you know it, June 30 will be knocking on the door and demanding ... read more >>

EOFY Preparation Checklist2020-05-15T12:25:06+10:00

How to Manage COVID Rent Decrease Requests


As we battle our way through COVD-19, we are seeing a lot of COVID rent decrease requests. Many Australians being laid off work, with the number expected to peak at 1.4 million come June. We are seeing many Australian families unable to meet their rental payments. Naturally, we are getting enquiries as to how to handle this from agencies. When ... read more >>

How to Manage COVID Rent Decrease Requests2020-04-20T04:06:02+10:00

COVID-19 Impact on Property Management


The real estate industry, like so many others, has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. The changes to the real estate landscape are unprecedented, ones that we could not have predicted a mere few months ago. Yet it is a situation requiring open communication lines and reasonable negotiations between Property Managers, Landlords and Tenants in order to come out ... read more >>

COVID-19 Impact on Property Management2020-04-13T23:46:58+10:00

End of Month Angels COVID-19 Message


As COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to impact people and businesses across the world, we want to share an update on the steps that End of Month Angels is taking to ensure business continuity for our clients here in Australia. Safety of our Angels and clients is paramount, as such, we are taking prompt actions to minimise risk as much as possible. ... read more >>

End of Month Angels COVID-19 Message2020-03-22T22:57:11+10:00

The Paperless Office Rent Roll Owner


When Going Paperless is the Norm Anyone who has the pleasure to sit my trust account training hears me speak of how I ran a paperless office in 2007. Yep, imagine that - a paperless office way back with 2007 technology. How did she do it?! Well, I tell a small lie. It wasn’t completely paperless. It was almost paperless ... read more >>

The Paperless Office Rent Roll Owner2020-04-09T02:27:44+10:00

Buying A Rent Roll or Starting from Scratch?


Should I consider buying a rent roll or starting from scratch? I get asked this question all the time. Let's look at the facts to help guide this decision. If you are considering buying a rent roll, chances are you currently have or have had, the support of a franchise network or strong independent agency. You have done your time, ... read more >>

Buying A Rent Roll or Starting from Scratch?2020-03-12T02:25:35+10:00

NSW Reforms & Property Management Compliance


There are certain components of the upcoming Licensing Reforms (23rd March reminder!) that specifically concern Property Managers and Property Manager compliance. As a quick summary, these points are: Current License holders will transition to Class 2 License holders Certificate of Registration holders will transition to Assistant Agents If you’re currently approving EOM payments, you will not be able to do ... read more >>

NSW Reforms & Property Management Compliance2020-02-18T23:55:09+10:00