Am I Sitting On A Gold Mine?


Well, we all wish we were sitting on a gold mine. Whether it be a lost lotto ticket or a perhaps a buried wad of cash in our backyard. Chances are, we are likely to not ever come across either. However, you very well could be sitting on a very tidy gold mine in the shape of a rent roll sale. Thinking of selling your rent roll? Lately you may have had thoughts about a potential rent roll sale. There are many reasons why agents sell their rent roll. A potential rent roll sale could stem from any variety of issues including: A downturn in the sales market - looking to cash in when sales are slow. Staffing issues - where you just don't have the staff to cover the role any longer. Retirement, illness or divorce - see Point #2. Business partners split - which requires a reshuffle of the business - also see Point #2. The need for a fresh start - sometimes don't we all? Do any of the above sound familiar? If so, ... read more >>