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New Property Licensing Training Requirements – Prepare for the Changes Ahead


Getting to Know the New Industry Qualifications Discussions surrounding the reform of Property Licensing NSW started in 2016. Fast forward to 2018 and we are now looking at the implementation of these reforms, likely to be later this year. Of note is the introduction of three categories of qualifications as opposed to the existing two. Certificate of Registration Licensed Real Estate Agent Licensee in Charge So what does this mean? Certificate of Registration We will see an extension of the Certificate of Registration (COR) course for new entrants into the Property industry. COR holders will have four years to upgrade to a full license from the implementation of the changes. A 12 month operating exclusion will face those who do not upgrade within the four year deadline. Those COR holders looking to upgrade to a full license must hold a Certificate IV in Property Services and demonstrate 12 months practical industry experience. COR holders will not be able to sign agency agreements, leases or undertake trust account transactions. To be valid, these items are now required to be ... read more >>

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Keeping On Top of Your Tradies


Sometimes the ‘set and forget’ tactic can be a blessing. Like setting your coffee machine for automatic brew, or your bread maker to auto bake to rise from slumber to the smells of fresh bread and brewing coffee. Bliss right? However, as an agent, this is definitely not one tactic to have in your repertoire when it comes to managing your tradespeople. Unfortunately, some agents fall victim to signing on tradespeople and doing all the right checks at the start – ABN, licences, insurances and work cover – but then fail to perform regular yearly checks to ensure these vital licences and paperwork have not lapsed. This can have major ramifications on both your agency and your landlords – a sticky situation you definitely don’t want to find yourself in. As an agent, what do you need to do? Conduct a thorough checklist of the following from all new tradespeople you engage through your agency: Relevant licence – checks done through your local governing body that your tradie is licenced, (checks can be performed online) Professional Indemnity Insurance (depending on ... read more >>

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When Ignorance Is Not Bliss


Licensees who stick their head in the sand, can expect to feel the full force of the law. There are some things we can turn a blind eye to. Sneaking in a 3pm sweet tooth chocolate break. Taking an extra biscuit from the staff room stash. Knocking off 5 minutes early to catch some of the last rays of sunshine on a Friday afternoon. But there are some things that you simply cannot ignore. Like your responsibilities as a Licensee in charge or OIEC. What you don’t want is a knock at the door from your regulatory body? That would just ruin the start of any weekend. SO WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT? Rules of conduct stipulate that every place of business must be in the charge of a licensee. This Licensee is responsible for all the work and business carried out at the place of business. For those who own several businesses, each requires its own Licensee in charge to supervise the business carried out at each location. No single Licensee can be in charge ... read more >>

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Why face-to-face training is better than online. We are living in an increasingly online society. With the continual advancements in technology, the gradual acceptance of the move towards flexible remote offices and the boom of social media, the online world has morphed into all that we do. Education and training is no different. The number of training and education providers in Australia now delivering online training has increased dramatically. Universities, TAFEs, private colleges and institutes – they are all on the online delivery train. The real estate industry is not immune. Online training offering numerous benefits - flexibility, study at your own pace in your own time, reduced course costs, increased accessibility. But are you getting the best education and training possible? Does it fit both your learning style and your future chosen industry? We’ve compiled a few training realities to consider. REALITY #1 – IT’S A PEOPLE PERSON INDUSTRY First and foremost, real estate is a ‘people person’ career. Because the more you can establish a good connection with your vendors and buyers, the more likely ... read more >>