Top 5 Tips to Keeping Your Trust Accountant


When you love something let it go. Yes, all very well and good in the world of romance. Just not for your trust accountant. That is why we dedicate this blog on keeping your trust accountant for good. When you find a good trust accountant, you grab that baby, hold on tight and don't let go! You see your trust accountant is the glue that holds the paper mâché together. They are the chocolate chip cookie that rounds out the perfect cup of tea. Get the picture? Keeping good people is one of the biggest challenges in business. Finding them is the easy part in comparison. Once you find that perfect trust accountant that fits seamlessly into your business, you want to keep them happy to retain them as an employee as long as possible. Trust accountants keep everything running smoothly in the background of your business. The sales and rentals business you make, all would not be possible without the efficient workings of your trust accountant. So, what are the bug bears for trust accountants that ... read more >>

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We are Hiring! Are you the Trust Account Specialist we are looking for?


Seeking Trust Account Specialist for Boutique Rozelle Office We are on the lookout for an awesome Trust Account Specialist to join our team. This is a unique opportunity to become an integral part of the End of Month Angels team and make your mark in the trust management industry. The Role Specialist full time role dealing with trust account management for rental properties. Service a number of important client accounts using a variety of trust accounting software. Diverse role includes reconciliation, training and project based assignments. Provide true value add to clients. Assist them to set up best practice trust management procedures, alleviate costs and unlock hidden revenue. The Benefits An opportunity to be heard and make a greater impact within a business. Less client contact, work behind the scenes more and avoid constant confrontation. Better lifestyle involving less stress, after hours and weekend work. Potential to work from home from month 4 onwards and early start options available. Competitive salary and lucrative bonus structure. Support to receive your real estate licence or maintain CPD if required. ... read more >>

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5 Ways To Avoid Losing Your Trust Accountant in 2017


Retaining good people is essential in business. No matter how good you are or your product or service may be, without key personnel, they are worth nada. Which brings us to the topic of staff retention. Your first thoughts on staff retention strategies may drift initially to your key sales staff. Those who bring in the bread and butter to the agency. Those who make the big sales and bring home the bacon. Yes, these people are 100% important to the success of your agency. But so too are the people who work behind the scenes to ensure agency funds are distributed correctly and accounted for. These are the people who work day in and day out often without recognition and fanfare. They are your trust accountants. Now don’t get us wrong, we are a little biased towards the love and respect paid to trust accountants. Because to us, they are an integral component of your agency. Without them you wouldn’t get paid and you wouldn’t operate. And we think that’s pretty important. We have previously mentioned ... read more >>

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