Getting in Top Trust Accounting EOFY Shape


We are officially in the lead up to the End of Financial Year (drumroll). This trust accounting EOFY leadup has been unlike any other we have seen in our lifetime. With the impact of COVID still too fresh, throwing EOFY into the mix might be enough to tip some over the edge. So we want to step in and help ... read more >>

Getting in Top Trust Accounting EOFY Shape2020-05-27T12:07:43+10:00

EOFY Preparation Checklist


Time to Get Your Ducks in a Row As we have all been caught up in everything COVID, End of Financial Year has well indeed crept right up on us. In response, this month's theme is EOFY and audits in preparation for the month ahead. As before you know it, June 30 will be knocking on the door and demanding ... read more >>

EOFY Preparation Checklist2020-05-15T12:25:06+10:00

Your 6 Point Audit Checklist for your Cloud-Based Software


Get Ahead this Audit Season Audit season is on our doorstep. For many states, audit season falls between the 1st July through to the 30th September. For those who have moved to cloud-based software since your last audit, you may be confused as to what your auditor may be expecting to see. With cloud-based software, there are many processes you ... read more >>

Your 6 Point Audit Checklist for your Cloud-Based Software2019-06-29T03:41:03+10:00