When Landlords Change Bank Details


How to Ensure Your Money is going to the Right Place Landlords changing bank details is a common occurrence in property management. When the correct systems and protocols are in place to advise tenants of the new details and timings, things can usually go without a hitch. Unfortunately, criminals are on the lookout for any new ways to make a quick buck. The importance of ensuring your landlord's new bank details are indeed correct and legitimate is vital. Otherwise, how can you ensure you are communicating with the right person? What's to say you are not communicating with a criminal posing as your landlord? As far fetched as these things may seem, they do indeed happen. And they happen on a regular basis.  Top Tips for Managing when Landlords Change Bank Details Always get the instruction in writing. In writing does no include text, ensure it is via email, letter or fax. Only communicate with the email from the original agency agreement. If any variation to the email address occurs, it is a red flag to investigate ... read more >>

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The Grim Reality of Cyber Theft


How to ensure you are not a victim Cyber theft. With the everyday pressures of end of month deadlines, audits and general day-to-day business, one of the last things you’d think you have to be concerned about is cyber theft. Think again. Unfortunately, cyber theft is not only here to stay but is on the rise. Amongst the hard-working, dedicated workforce that works to earn their well-deserved pennies, there are those ruthless few who aim to benefit by the misfortune of others in the way of cyber theft. The prolific use of technology in our everyday lives seems to have opened up the gates to cyber theft in ways we could never imagine. A case dating back to 2014 saw hackers steal $50 000 from a Broome real estate agency after they hacked into the company’s online banking system. Unfortunately, their tales are not uncommon. Insurance companies are claiming that cyber theft is indeed one of their most common forms of insurance claims. It is becoming the norm for everyone to know someone who has fallen victim. ... read more >>

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