Cloud Security Information for Your Landlords


As humans, it is natural to fear what we don't know. Information is power. When making the switch from server to a new cloud-based software, it is common to experience a certain level of resistance from some Landlords. Recently, we have been assisting one of our clients with the transition to cloud-based software. Whilst doing so, one of their Landlords ... read more >>

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5 Ways Cloud Technology Can Prevent Internal Fraud


Banish Internal Fraud from your Office With the advances that technology provides, unfortunately with it comes the possibility of online fraud. Online trust account fraud can occur both by someone outside of the organisation without access to the trust account, and internally. As much as we would like to think this will never happen, the reality is that it does. ... read more >>

5 Ways Cloud Technology Can Prevent Internal Fraud2019-07-11T22:09:46+10:00

When Landlords Change Bank Details


How to Ensure Your Money is going to the Right Place Landlords changing bank details is a common occurrence in property management. When the correct systems and protocols are in place to advise tenants of the new details and timings, things can usually go without a hitch. Unfortunately, criminals are on the lookout for any new ways to make a ... read more >>

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The Grim Reality of Cyber Theft


How to ensure you are not a victim Cyber theft. With the everyday pressures of end of month deadlines, audits and general day-to-day business, one of the last things you’d think you have to be concerned about is cyber theft. Think again. Unfortunately, cyber theft is not only here to stay but is on the rise. Amongst the hard-working, dedicated ... read more >>

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