The Art of Tidying Up Before End of Financial Year


How to KonMarie Your Trust Account at EOFY Are you obsessed like us and an avid follower of the #konmarie method of tidying up? If so, then you’ll have probably watched Marie Kondo’s series in full on Netflix – Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. For those of you not on the tidying movement (for the uninitiated you should really give it a go), Marie is a Japanese-born organising consultant. She helps people declutter their homes by following simple methods and ‘sparking joy’ through the satisfaction of organisation in the home. The premise being that everything has its own place. So this got us to thinking.... Can you imagine how clean Marie’s trust account would be if she had one? Which got us to further thinking.... could we apply these same principles to trust accounting? The answer is yes! Trust accounting software can accumulate a lot of clutter over time. It can be bought on by a change of staff, change of software or simply overlooking the clutter whilst we are busy with the daily processing and running ... read more >>

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Stay Stress-Free and Breach-Free This Holiday Season


The holiday season is so close we can feel it. We can smell the jasmine in the air, the Christmas decorations are up in the shops and Christmas party prep is well underway. So amongst all that, you may very well be planning your Christmas break from the office. As licensee, there are two requirements to ensure before you pack your bags. That your holiday is both stress-free and breach-free. We are here to make that happen. Here's what you are going to do. HOW TO STAY STRESS-FREE ON YOUR HOLIDAY These pointers will assist those who are heading O/S on their annual break from the office. Let everyone know you are closing down Notify all your clients of your pending office closure. We cover how to do this in a previous blog and even include nifty office messages you can use.  You're welcome! Buy data when you arrive at your destination Prepaid Australian data is a rip-off. Buy a local prepaid SIM card when you arrive. Take your banking token with you Keep it secure in ... read more >>

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A Reconciliation a Day Keeps the Auditors at Bay


This month we are revisiting our oldest friend, reconciliation. Because, no matter how much love and attention we give this friend of ours, they seem to be the one that requires the most attention. It is a commonplace to receive last minute calls at EOFY from clients who have not reconciled their accounts for the entire year. Hence the need to share with your our top reconciliation tips. Whilst it is not a legal requirement to reconcile on a daily basis, it is always best practice. To prove our point, here are some previous musings on reconciling that we have covered in the past to get you up to speed. 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD RECONCILE YOUR TRUST ACCOUNT DAILY OUR TOP 10 RECONCILIATION ERRORS (AND HOW TO FIX THEM) ADJUSTMENTS ARE THE CARDINAL SIN OF TRUST ACCOUNTING 11 AVOIDABLE TRUST ACCOUNTING MISTAKES THAT CAN BREAK YOUR BUSINESS Reconciliation Tips Reconcile daily Don’t leave adjustments sitting there for more than 2 months, particularly at around 30th June. Reconciling daily means you avoid end of month stress and avoid ... read more >>

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