Waiting til the Party Season is Over

The start of the New Year is renowned for assessing your current situation – whether it be electricity, insurance, private health, marriage (kidding) – and upgrading or switching to a better deal. New year, new a start and all that. For some services, the New year is a great time to make a switch. Yet for others, like switching your trust accounting software to the cloud, it pays to wait one month longer til the silly season (and party season) is over.

Waiting until the holiday season is over for any major accounting software migrations will have you as zen as our friend here. Let’s discuss how and why.

A lot of companies are making the move from old server-based systems to the cloud. The cloud offers a much more beneficial, time efficient, cost effective alternative to clunky server-based systems. Yet timing is most definitely everything and you want to ensure you get it right the first time.

As such, we highly recommend holding off your migration to the cloud after January. The first of any new month is the best time to make the switch. So we suggest to use January as the time to do your research. Do your reading and start your checklists to ensure you account for each step. Check out our previous migrations checklist to get you prepped and ready. Once everyone is back on deck, you can use February to book in the migration and inform and educate your staff of the changes where needed.

Come the 1st March, you are ready and rearing to make the switch over to the cloud.

The Bonus of Patience

The best thing about putting off the switch until after the Christmas and holiday season is that you have people around you should something go wrong (touch wood). If you decide to migrate on the 1t January and hit a roadblock, your chances of finding someone to assist have decreased dramatically. Come February and March, you’ll have people lining up at the door to help.

– Jane Morgan is the Director of End of Month Angels, a consultancy firm specialising in Trust Accounting. Jane knows the legislative requirements of running a successful Real Estate office through her 20 years industry experience. Don’t trust just anyone with your trust accounting. Book an appointment with an End of Month Angel today.