Unfortunately, Sales and Property Management often work as though that are polar opposites. Magnets resisting the push and pull of one another. It is sad that this is the case in many agencies across Australia.

In my time within Property Management, the tension was so thick you could often cut it with a knife. And a good chef’s knife at that, not just a small butter knife. In reality, these two departments should be working side-by-side, in complete cohesion. And for many reasons at that. It not only creates a more harmonious working environment for everyone, but also greater commissions. Who doesn’t want that?

So, all hope is not lost. It is achievable. We have listed our top 7 ways it can be done!

How to Find Property Management and Sales Cohesion

  1. Conduct monthly meetings with both sales and property management together.

    Conducting team meetings with both departments will help to create a more unified front and have all members feeling a part of the team. This way, both departments have an insight into what the other does, and how they impact the agency, and the bottom line. It allows each team member to see the worth of each individual player.

  2. Share the trust accounting software data and client information

    There is substantial benefit from sharing software and client information across both departments. You may have a potential buyer looking for a rental whilst they wait for the perfect property to come on the market. Or a current Landlord may be looking to sell within the next 6 months. It is one big cycle that can have great benefits if utilised correctly and both departments piggyback off one another.

  3. Investing in a good CRM

    Not only should you invest in a good CRM, but give all your staff access to it! That’s both departments (if unsure, read point above).

  4. Use Property Management newsletters

    Communication is key to both potential buyers and tenants. Use Property Management newsletters to communicate with clients. For example, send out ‘Property of the Week’ and any special offers the agency may be offering. Think outside the box. Utilise ‘current client discounts’ or ‘access to upcoming properties’ to those on the mailing list.

  5. Survey clients

    Surveying your existing clients is a simple way to scope new business. Are they interested in buying more properties? Are they looking to find a property manager for their next rental? Survey Monkey is a free, online and simple-to-use survey platform to send out to your database.

  6. Team bonding

    Team bonding gives the opportunity to create a great team culture. It allows staff members to feel a part of the bigger picture and one of the team. Staff who generally would not interact with each other on a daily basis get the chance to communicate in a fun, team environment. It will amaze you the boost team bonding can give to an agency.

  7. Use your Trust Accounting software for good!

    You can use your trust accounting software to send out properties for sale with Landlords’ monthly statements. You never know when Landlords may be looking to purchase other properties.

Harmony between Property Managers and the Sales team of an Agency is do-able. It just comes down to finding the right ways to bring the two together to work as one cohesive whole.

– Jane Morgan is the Director of End of Month Angels, a consultancy firm specialising in Trust Accounting. Jane knows the legislative requirements of running a successful Real Estate office through her 21 years industry experience. Don’t trust just anyone with your trust accounting. Book an appointment with an End of Month Angel today.